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Do you trade options? Have you ever thought of trading options? Of course you have! But what a mess it is trying to compute all of the valuations and calculations. is your solution! OptionizeMe is a product that has revolutionized investing in options for years and now it is available to the public on the cloud.

OptionizeMe users take all of their option trading inputs and dump them into our cloud based platform. Inputs can be:

  • Calls, Puts, Spreads, Strategies
  • Strikes, Expirations, Dividends
  • Date Ranges, Price Targets, Probabilities

Once OptionizeMe has all of your values, with the click of a button, our platform starts calculating your results and within seconds you have everything you need to to make smarter and faster trades. We use Nobel Prize winning option pricing models, calculated and stated volatility measures, and a powerful logic engine to bring premiere, industry leading results to your finger tips. What you will see:

  • The Greeks (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho)
  • Model Pricing, Profit & Loss Calculations, Time Decay Modelling
  • Risk Graphs, Greeks Graphs
  • What-If Calculation with Breakeven Points
  • Underlying and Statistical Volatility Calculations
  • Probabilities and Price Targets

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